Splatterhouse-2K3 by 5thman

Last update: February 19th, 2007

Elaborate Title Grahpic

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Elaborate Title Grahpic My awesome little Rick graphic Mimis hitting the pipe A cutscene here or there
Well look whos come to say hi Ripping one on a ghoul. A snazzy foyer Ooooohhhh Riiiiiick make a sannndwiiiich
Floor 2, with a view of Floor 1 A ghost in the middle of practice Like a stuck pig The bathroom has a bit of a leak
Dont you know de Dewey Decimal Systahm! Guest Room A with the dreaded mirror hall Ghostly baddies too not to mention bosses every other room
like this freakin guy Rick admires the local art scene Nuthin but red wine And of course theres a crypt
Zombies comin up the hell right now! Grab the shotgun! Ahh, looks cozy Recruit Ricks friends to help out
Reproduced this scene for when you die

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